Saturday, 12:00pm
6 March 2021

What now? What next?

Come to Eye’s Type Tuesday on 9 March, with Dines (Studio Blup), Malika Favre, Dafi Kühne and magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie

Next week is the first Type Tuesday of 2021, ‘What now? What next?’. We look forward to welcoming you, via Zoom, to a virtual St. Bride with the star-studded line-up of Dines (Studio Blup), Malika Favre, Dafi Kühne and magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie.

Black Kate Moss, 2017, Dines’s remix (digital collage) based on a photograph by Nick Knight. ‘I’ve always created what I wanted to see,’ says Dines, founder of Studio Blup. ‘We recognise Kate as an icon, and I wanted her to be an ebony queen in the centre … to celebrate the beauty of this woman.’
Top. Final artwork for Malika Favre’s contribution to GraphicDesign&’s book Golden Meaning (2014), which featured 55 designers and image-makers who explored the idea of the ‘golden mean’ first defined by Euclid, the ratio 1:1.618.

StudioBlup_5 Black Kate Moss, 2017

You can read more about our guests on the Eye website: Derek Yates surveyed the way Dines challenges design trends in ‘Remixing the here and now’, John L. Walters wrote about the way Malika combines geometry and graphic art in ‘Gridlocked’ and Jan Middendorp’s ‘By his own hand’ looks at Dafi’s contemporary use of letterpress techniques (all in the sold-out Eye 100). Rick Poynor’s ‘Browsing, or reading?’ (Eye 92, still available) is about magCulture.

‘Reverting to Type 2020: Protest Posters’, Standpoint Gallery, London. Kühne’s poster What a mess (‘Paperless, wireless, cashless …’) is visible to the right of the blurry viewer’s head. Installation photo: Alice Doušová.


Kühne’s work was also shown in a recent exhibition of letterpress posters, ‘Reverting to Type 2020: Protest Posters’. Eye magazine was invited for a (necessarily) private view, and ‘The printed howl’, a short review of the exhibition and project, is on the Eye blog.

Type Tuesday_What now? What next?

Our Type Tuesday guests will talk about their recent work and discuss the challenges facing young people joining the creative industries at this strange time.

‘What now? What next?’ also gives us a chance to hear about Dines’s new venture #Blup50 and to look at some recently launched indie mags courtesy of Jeremy Leslie, who will be zooming direct from the magCulture shop in Clerkenwell. The evening will conclude with a panel discussion and questions from you, the online audience.

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Sign up for Type Tuesday on 9 March here – all proceeds go to St. Bride.

Letterpress-printed ‘manifesto’ that came with the limited edition of Kühne’s book True Print (Lars Müller, 2016).

Letterpress-printed ‘manifesto’ that came with the limited edition of Kühne’s book True Print (Lars Müller, 2016). Design: Dafi Kühne.

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