Hi-res hedonist

Jim Davies

Me Company make designs of fabulous compexity. The shape of screenlife to come or techno-kitsch?

Reputations: Maira Kalman

Reputations: Maira Kalman

Steven Heller

‘I was out walking the dear dog and I saw 500 things that made me want to make art.’


The 30-second sell

David Redhead

Eight-page illustrated feature on paperback book cover design, including interviews with the Senate, Rex…


Think of your ears as eyes

Adrian Shaughnessy

Barbara Wojirsch and Dieter Rehm bring a mysterious beauty to the record label graphics of ECM


OZ 16: The Magic Theatre issue

uncredited author

Martin Sharp’s “Magic Theatre” issue of OZ magazine is one of the most extraordinary artefacts of the…


Here, there and nowhere

Emily King

Pictures of non-places, the grubby and eroded gaps between the real spaces of the urban realm, make a…

Britain’s signature

Britain’s signature

John L. Walters

Margaret Calvert signed the UK – from road to rail to air. Now Henrik Kubel has digitised her Rail…


Look inward: graphic design in Australia

Rick Poynor

Is Australia’s global cultural impact reflected in its graphic design?


Cultural chameleon

Deborah Burnstone

The German publication Shift! takes familiar signs from the world of image consumption and reconfigures…


Reputations: Alan Fletcher

Rick Poynor

An interview with Pentagram’s ringmaster of paradox.

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