Reduced Eden: gardens and flowers

David Heathcote

Scopophilic horticulture is back with a vengeance. Photographers and designers strive to represent raw…


Štorm: living history

Petra Černe Oven

The unbearable lightness of being a type designer in Prague


Multiple meanings

Richard Hollis

Uwe Loesch’s posters have the linguistic subtlety and precision of conceptual art. They demand…


Digital type decade

Emily King

The sound and fury of ‘radical’ typeface design associated with the early days of PostScript have…

Reputations: J. Abbott Miller

Reputations: J. Abbott Miller

John L. Walters

'We could be more aware of the civility of design, of how it can be constructive in a poetic sense, not…


Marks on paper

Julia Thrift

Letterpress’s eclipse by digital typesetting has been a liberation for typographer Alan Kitching

The digital wave

The digital wave

Robin Kinross

The old manufacturing companies that dominated typeface production through most of this century have…


Compare and contrast

Emily King

With a CD-ROM based on its legendary lettering archive, Central Saint Martins has created a new tool and…

Malcolm, Peter … and Keith

Malcolm, Peter … and Keith

Rick Poynor

The British New Wave was born at a boys’ school near Manchester


Cool, clear, collected

Robin Kinross

Blue Note designer Reid Miles and photographer Francis Wolff were a classic combo. Their covers have been…

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