Up close and tight

Up close and tight

Laura Forde

The legendary Herb Lubalin brought humour, sensuality and a contemporary flourish to complex typographic…


Just Add Stock

Eye editors

The first Eye awards for the creative use of library images.

Do they know it’s communication?

Do they know it’s communication?

Bob Wilkinson

A decade after signing First Things First 2000, Bob Wilkinson tested his design principles by…


Lost worlds

Val Williams

Vernacular photography. Innocence regained? Or just another kind of fiction?


Controlled passion: the art of Fernando Gutierrez

Russell Warren-Fisher

In post-Franco Spain, a cool Catalan breeze blows through the often humid, overheated world of…

Reputations: Milton Glaser

Reputations: Milton Glaser

Steven Heller

‘I am nervous about ideologies, whether it’s the ideology of business or the ideology of Bolshevism. I…


A sense of rupture

Anne Burdick

ReVerb is a four woman, one-man design team in the heart of polyglot Los Angeles. In their conceptually…


Underground matriarchy

Ellen Lupton, Laurie Haycock Makela

Women who have shaped the profession by their own work and by enabling those around them

Reputations: Wolfgang Weingart

Reputations: Wolfgang Weingart

Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin

‘My work is like a quarry. People see a stone they like, appropriate it and work it until there’s…

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