Cultural chameleon

Deborah Burnstone

The German publication Shift! takes familiar signs from the world of image consumption and reconfigures…


Reputations: Alan Fletcher

Rick Poynor

An interview with Pentagram’s ringmaster of paradox.



Rick Poynor

In a typographic tour de force, Richard Hamilton has turned Duchamp’s notes for the Large Glass into…


Reputations: Neville Brody

Rick Poynor

‘People are using the computer in a very rigid, pseudo-religious way and we are trying to say that the…


Reputations: Bruno Monguzzi

Valentina Boffa

In the first of Eye’s interviews with designers of renown, we talk to the Swiss typographer about…


Face lift: new cuts at The Times

Phil Baines

When technological developments at The Times demanded a change in the newspaper’s typography, a brand…

Day-Glo mind blow

Day-Glo mind blow

Julia Bigham

Psychedelia hit late 1960s London in an explosion of silk-screen colour


Design in the age of digital reproduction

William Owen

‘Multimedia’ may well be one of the most overused words of the 1990s. What does it mean for designers…

Love of lexicons

Love of lexicons

Rick Poynor

The dictionary framework allows readers to find random nuggets of information, forging connections that…


The idea is the machine

Abbott Miller

Style is addictive, While structure comes from within, generating form from the inside out

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