Eye editors

Eduardo Paolozzi’s collage ‘novel’ Kex, made in 1966, has renewed resonance in the 1990s


Bards of the balance sheet

Will Novosedlik

How corporate designers turn routine annual reports into epic narratives of business triumph


Reputations: Katherine McCoy

Rick Poynor

After Cranbrook: Katherine McCoy on the way ahead

Lucille Tenazas

Lucille Tenazas

Teal Triggs

The work of San Francisco designer Lucille Tenazas lies somewhere between the rigour of design and the…


Designing demons

Steven Heller

The rhetoric of hate provides ‘a new kind of meaning’


Reputations: John Maeda

Elizabeth Resnick

‘People can rely on one trick if they use a computer. Once you make that trick, you just press a button…


The designer as alchemist

Mazier Raein, James Souttar

This seventeenth-century book is a layered fugue for chemistry, music, words and pictures: rich…

There is such a thing as society*

There is such a thing as society*

Andrew Howard

It is time to think again about design’s social function and the way it is determined by our culture.


Putting type in its place

Liz Farrelly

For many of London’s editorial designers, type plays a supporting role. Content and narrative is as…


Live die eat cheat

Matthew Shadbolt

Behind the screen is a world where bullets and bodies defy mortality and gravity. A visual history of…

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