Summer 2016

I am a poster

David Crowley, curator of ‘The Poster Remediated’ at the Warsaw International Poster Biennale, examines some of the relationships that exist between posters and the human body

Posters have been a largely static medium for most of their history. Pasted up on walls or installed in advertising units, they attempt to arrest the attention of passers-by. Famously, A. M. Cassandre, the great Art Deco designer, is reported to have designed his three-frame ‘Dubo Dubon Dubonnet’ poster – featuring a partly coloured-in outline of a bowler-hatted man being filled by the aperitif – to be viewed from a fast-moving automobile.


‘A London Boardman’ photographed by John Thomson from Street Life in London (1876-77).
Werner Kranwetvogel, Backdrop #10, photographic print, 2009. Photographing the Arirang festival in North Korea, German film-maker Kranwetvogel recorded the faces of participants who are usually entirely obscured behind propaganda images. Kranwetvogel’s photographs provide a rare glimpse behind the official mask.


David Crowley, head of Critical Writing in Art & Design programme at the Royal College of Art, London

Read the full version in Eye no. 92 vol. 23, 2016


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