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California is a state of mind

Issue 90, Summer 2015


Rendered, on the cover of Metropolis’s American edition, in iridescent foil…

From object to observer

Issue 61, Autumn 2006


Exhibitions blend the complexities of architectural space with the narrative concerns of book design…

Through thick and thin: fashion and type

Issue 65, Autumn 2007


Fashion’s obsessions are mirrored in its typography, from Vogue’s femme serifs to butch Chanel and…

Let’s not forget about culture

Issue 13, Summer 1994


The TEDS conference, ‘information architect’ Richard Saul Wurman’s fifth…

Alchemy of layout

Issue 51, Spring 2004


Walter Pamminger champions the potential of design to create content

Word art

Issue 11, Winter 1993


In post-war art the visual and the literary have blurred. Typography is the point at which they meet…

Pictures for rent

Issue 14, Autumn 1994


Stock photography receives little attention and wins even fewer awards, but it makes up a…

Reputations: Fabien Baron

Issue 18, Autumn 1995


‘Putting too much interpretation into design is not good … For me, the reasons behind it are more…

First Things First Manifesto 2000

Issue 33, Autumn 1999


Thirty-three visual communicators renew the 1964 call for a change of priorities

The idea is the machine

Issue 10, Autumn 1993


Style is addictive, While structure comes from within, generating form from the inside out

What did you do in the design studio today, daddy?

Issue 22, Autumn 1996


Graphic designers are convinced of the profession’s importance. Now they have to convince everyone…

Quentin Fiore: Massaging the message

Issue 8, Autumn 1993


The man who gave form to Marshall McLuhan’s ‘global village’ designed books that were both for and…