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London Letters

Issue 91, Spring 2016


Philip Sayer photographs lettering on the streets of London in this alphabetical compendium

Out of the shallows

Issue 86, Autumn 2013


This photograph of a deliriously colourful 1969 swimming pool designed by…

Type specific

Issue 86, Autumn 2013


TDC hails the wider world of empathetic wine labels, typographic IDs and retro stationery

Virtual city: sidebar 3

Issue 34, Winter 1999


Global language

A Monotype timeline

Issue 84, Autumn 2012


A selected, chronological list of notable events in the long, complex history of Monotype

Deep in the Monotype archive

Issue 84, Autumn 2012


A wide selection of Monotype’s drawings, artworks, publications and vintage photographs spread…

Machine and man

Issue 84, Autumn 2012


Art, science and hot metal casting.
Photo essay by Phil Sayer

Oil and water

Issue 5, Winter 1991


Two Dutch books take the form of elegant visual essays on liquid themes.

Neil McIntosh

Issue 77, Autumn 2010


‘You can’t scan-read a five-minute film.’ Interview with Neil McIntosh, editor of Wall Street…

A nose for type

Issue 77, Autumn 2010


A new publisher of ‘visual writing’ launches with this typographic reboot of an…

A Humument

Issue 18, Autumn 1995


Tom Phillips’s treated novel is a key text in the short history of deconstruction and experimental…


Issue 21, Summer 1996


Eduardo Paolozzi’s collage ‘novel’ Kex, made in 1966, has renewed resonance in the 1990s

Daily Mirror

Issue 14, Autumn 1994


In the hands of Dieter Rot, the British newspaper was transformed into a striking artist’s book

Just Add Stock

Issue 73, Autumn 2009


The first Eye awards for the creative use of library images.

Urgent images

Issue 15, Winter 1994


Is there a more unstable and ephemeral medium for creative communication than…

Lift and Separate

Issue 9, Summer 1993


Before she left her position as curator of the Herb Lubalin Study Center, New…


Issue 9, Summer 1993


Latest addition to the swelling library of typography titles is Letterwork:…

Russian Avant-Garde Books

Issue 9, Summer 1993


For anyone interested in the history of the book, Russian Avant-Garde Books…

Godard: Images, Sounds, Politics.

Issue 9, Summer 1993


For the first in a new series, Eye revisits Richard Hollis’s innovatory design for a book on the…

David Stone Martin

Issue 4, Summer 1991


Jazz Graphics by Manek Daver (Graphic-Sha, £27.50) is an encyclopaedic compendium…

Recent blog posts by Eye editors

Draw the Truth

11 February 2017

At Chelsea College, London – an evening about reportage illustration on Wed 22 February 2017.
This informal event features illustrators Lucinda Rogers and Olivier Kugler talking about their work, plus curators Isabelle Bricknall and Olivia Ahmad on the legacy of the late Jo Brocklehurst, followed by a panel discussion with Prof. Neil Cummings of Chelsea College.

Noted #79

6 January 2017

Graffiti removal, Circular #19, The Phonografik Collectivo, Optimology° and Fermata
Here are a few things – graffiti removal, a Phoenician alphabet project, a media wall installation, Optimology° and a typography magazine – that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Books received #24

7 December 2016

Eggers in the sky, Callahan’s streets, Tim Burton, rubber-stamped Chilean horror and a Brit in Japan
Here are a few photobooks that have recently caught our attention … each reviewed in no more than 140 characters.

Type on the campaign trail

30 October 2016

US designers contribute type, posters, badges and branding to the Hillary Clinton cause
From the outset, the Hillary Clinton campaign has enlisted the help of some of the United States’ best designers to portray and propagate her messages.

Noted #78

18 October 2016

TypoCircle exhibition, Arjowiggins paper sample, Double Dagger, D&AD Manual 2016 and SEA 20
Here are a few things – an exhibition, paper sample, letterpress journal, manual and book – that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Books received #23

10 October 2016

When War is Over, Drawn in Stereo, George McGovern & The Democratic Insurgents, The Big Adventure of a Little Line and Money
Here are a few books that caught our attention in recent weeks … each reviewed in no more than 140 characters.

Coffee in NZ – an unfiltered scrapbook

22 September 2016

Many great projects would never exist without one person’s unreasonable obsession. Did any publisher ever think that what the world needs now is a book about the coffee houses of Wellington, 1939-79? Or commission a focus group to test it?

Books received #22 (EDA special)

15 September 2016

Oldřich Hlavsa, Fairy Tales, FBA: O design gráfico como prática de clarificação, Carved Names and El Protectorado español en Marruecos  
The 2016 European Design Awards drew submissions from all across Europe – Poland, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal and beyond (including the United Kingdom).

Noted #77

7 September 2016

Beer cans, Dutch Alphabets, the Global Synthesizer Project, An Anthology of Decorated Papers and Chanced Arm no. 2
Here are a few things – beer cans, books, a sound installation and a magazine – that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Books received #21 (Type books)

16 August 2016

Rian Hughes, Edward Johnston, Script Fonts, a lexicon of terms and the Triumph of Typography
Here are a few typographically themed books worth knowing about  … each reviewed in no more than 140 characters.

Broadsheet fiction

7 August 2016

Sunday’s New York Times included a section devised by the magazine team, an ‘ink-and-paper’ product not available in digital form
The New York Times published Sunday 7 August 2016 contained a monochrome newsprint section entirely devoted to a piece of fiction – Colson Whitehead’s ‘There was no other way’.

Noted #76

27 July 2016

Pureprint Works #4, Francesco Griffo, Beatrice Warde Scholarship winner Ania Wieluńska, London bus destination boards and Ghostbusters!
Here are a few things that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Books received #20 (photobooks)

13 June 2016

Wallace’s Road Wallah, Claridge’s East End, Graham’s The Whiteness of the Whale and Connew’s Body of Work
Here are a few photobooks that have recently caught our attention … each reviewed in no more than 140 characters.

Books received #19

29 May 2016

The Graphic Design Idea Book, Can You Feel It?, Where’s Warhol?, Martin Parr: Autoportrait and Playful Graphics
Here are a few books that caught our attention in recent weeks … each reviewed in no more than 140 characters.

David King, 1943-2016

22 May 2016

‘It was always my idea to get across complex or difficult subjects to a wider audience. That’s what visual people like us can do.’
British designer, author and archivist David King died on 11 May 2016.

Noted #75

13 May 2016

I Like Birds in Trittau; Mucho’s Tenderloin; Cercle on Costumes and P98a Paper’s Zombies of Berlin
Here is a small selection of graphic design for galleries and museums and magazines that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Noted #74

6 May 2016

Restoring the Royal Windsor, Anette Lenz’s calendar for Lézard Graphique and Rejane Dal Ballo’s UPO
Here are a few items that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Books received #18

11 April 2016

A Smile in the Mind, London A to Z, Jean Tinguely, Bad Bonn Song Book and Eating With The Eyes
Here are a few books that caught our attention in recent weeks … all reviewed in no more than 140 characters.

Eye before you buy 91

29 March 2016

Eye 91 is currently shipping to subscribers and bookshops worldwide. Here is a glimpse of its contents on a short Vimeo clip
The latest edition of Eye features articles about Camille Walala, the Baddeley Brothers book by The Gentle Author, Romek Marber, Robert Brownjohn’s street photography and Sekford, the watch company founded by Kuchar Swara.

Relocation to Albertopolis

19 March 2016

Save the date! On 24 November 2016 the new Design Museum opens at the former Commonwealth Institute building in Kensington
Design Museum director Deyan Sudjic yesterday announced the date – Thursday 24 November 2016 – for the somewhat delayed opening of the museum’s new home in Kensington.

Type Tuesday: Archive night with Paul Barnes

3 March 2016

See you at St Bride Library at 7pm sharp. Nadine Chahine, David Pearson & James Mosley (among many others) at the first Type Tuesday of 2016
The next Type Tuesday event will be an Archive Night with MC Paul Barnes and guests, another evening in Eye’s quarterly series of informal events about typography, graphic design and visual culture. For this occasion, we celebrate St Bride Library itself, and its amazing collection of materials from the rich history of printing and typography.

Classic Collections – The Big Picture

1 March 2016

Another bundle of back issues – 34, 43, 49 & 56 – featuring design in the public realm
‘The Big Picture’ is the handy, if somewhat arbitrary name we have given to a bunch Eye issues from the turn of the century and early noughties: nos. 34, 43, 49 and 56. All four issues were art directed by Nick Bell.

Classic Collections – Back to the 90s

11 February 2016

Surf back down the information superhighway to a time when the World Wide Web was thrillingly new – with Eye nos. 14, 16, 23 & 25
   Most early editions of Eye magazine are out of print. However a handful from the mid-to-late 1990s are still available from the Eye shop at ESco in Essex, and this bundle is an especially good bargain for magazine addicts.

Books received #17

26 January 2016

Logo Modernism, DixonBaxi, Cries of London, deValence and No Words Posters
Here are a few books that caught our attention in recent weeks.

More design for eating

7 January 2016

Menu Design in America looks back at more than a century of visual and culinary history
There is something very satisfying about a menu. Whether it be the cutout of a pig just before delving into a pulled pork sandwich or a space age diner preparing you for some interstellar fry-up.

Classic Collections – On and Off the Wall

31 December 2015

A bundle of poster-themed back issues – 38, 46, 51 & 69  
Eye magazine has often covered the changing nature of poster design and its place in the graphic design world.

Classic Collections – Type and lettering

22 December 2015

For a limited time, you can buy a bundle of Eye typography issues – at a bargain price
This ‘Type and lettering’ bundle contains issues 37, 45, 50 and 72: all have a special interest in designers and examples of typographic design and lettering forms. Although these issues do not focus solely on type, we have chosen them for what they reveal about the relationships between design, illustration and typography.

Classic Collections – Storytelling

18 December 2015

For a limited time, you can buy a bundle of themed Eye back issues – at a bargain price
Occasionally you meet someone whose business card says ‘storyteller’ – which might prompt some of us to run to a bar several blocks away – but usually they have the grace to hand over the card with an ironic shrug. As one such person said to us the other day, ‘Yes, Nathan Barley has come true!’

(Seasonal) Noted #73

16 December 2015

Redstone Press diary; Typodarium, Fedrigoni, Pierluigi Longo and Peter von Freyhold’s calendars; and cards from Dan Adams, Lara Harwood, Lizzie Lomax, Andy Martin and March design agency
Here are some assorted seasonal cards and calendars given by Eye’s friends and family.

Noted #72

11 December 2015

A New Type of Imprint, Hue, Sabor, Recens Paper and Works That Work
Here are a few publications that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Type Tuesday: Design and time

29 November 2015

See you at St Bride Library at 7pm sharp. DixonBaxi and Kuchar Swara headline the final Type Tuesday of 2015
The final Type Tuesday event of the year has the subject of Design and time, with talks by Kuchar Swara and Dan Capstick of DixonBaxi.

West End mags and East End zines

18 November 2015

The BSME’s upcoming event ‘Indie Mag Madness’ is a chance to hear from some of the best people making and distributing indie magazines today
Next Monday the BSME (The British Society of Magazine Editors) will hold its first ever event on the subject of indie magazines. Speakers include David Lane (The Gourmand), Cathy Olmedillas (Anorak), Rob Orchard (Delayed Gratification), David Jenkins (Little White Lies) and Steve Watson of Stack, the indie mag subscription company.

Noted #71

3 November 2015

TPTQ Arabic; Frank; FS Brabo by Fontsmith; Typomad 2015; New Perspectives in Typography; The Eric Gill Series
Typotheque’s Peter Biľak has announced the launch of TPTQ Arabic, a new type foundry dedicated to developing original high-quality Arabic typefaces and systems for bi-lingual typography.

Books received #16

26 October 2015

In Progress, Glyph*, Lago, Patternalia and Street Art Santiago
Here are a few books that have caught our attention in recent weeks.

Noted #70

14 October 2015

Elsewhere; Yellow: One Illustrated Year; The Eighty-Eight; Auto Play at Graphic Design Festival Breda; and Fabriano notebooks
Here are a few things that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Noted #69

29 August 2015

Anorak’s little sister Dot, We Made This, Varoom 30, FE2O3 Glyphs, Nous Vous, Indiecon 2015
Here are a few things – magazines, postcards, projects and events – that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Books received #15

9 August 2015

Data Design; Mucho’s Sonia Delaunay catalogue; Alvin Langdon Coburn; and Irma Boom explores the cosmos with Olafur Eliasson
Here are a few more books that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Glory days

1 August 2015

Chris Dorley-Brown shows three ages of Colchester youth in 15 Seconds, the Wellcome Collection’s first significant digital art commission
Chris Dorley-Brown’s 15 Seconds: Part 3 is a powerful and entertaining digital artwork about time and growing up.

Free art, free dance, free form

20 July 2015

Artist Doug Aitken’s ‘Station to Station’ fills the Barbican with art, dance and design
‘Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening’, at the Barbican until 26 July, is a project conceived by Californian artist Doug Aitken which enlists the talents of 100 artists and includes 50 performances and twenty residencies.

Noted #68

11 July 2015

Landscapes, beards and hats in Copenhagen; Tree of Codes; World Illustration Awards; New Horizons; Tom Gauld’s Endless Journey
Here are a few things that caught our attention in recent weeks.

The man who branded Sainsbury’s

18 June 2015

Sheffield designer Leonard Beaumont created the UK supermarket’s first postwar identity
Sheffield-born Leonard Beaumont (1891-1986) was the graphic designer who gave Sainsbury’s supermarkets and products a consistent identity in the postwar era.

Milan in Shoreditch

13 June 2015

Celebrated at Eye’s 12 June event, ‘Made In Italy’ is a book and an (all-too-short) exhibition with work by Grignani, Iliprandi, Noorda and many more
Eye’s ‘Made In Italy’ event took place on 2015’s hottest day (so far) at a packed Protein Gallery in Shoreditch last night.

A glimpse of Italian graphics

5 June 2015

‘Made In Italy’, a brief chance to see the work of midcentury Italian graphic design masters – Friday 12 & Saturday 13 June 2015
Next week there’s a brief chance for Londoners to see work by some postwar masters of Italian graphic design, including Bob Noorda, Heinz Waibl, Giancarlo Iliprandi and Franco Grignani
. Eye magazine will also be hosting a special event on Friday 12 June.

Noted #67

11 May 2015

Chineasy, The Happy Reader, Yellow, Brick and Puss Puss
Here are a few projects that have caught our attention in recent weeks.

Books received #14

17 April 2015

An Atlas of Agendas, Communication Design, In Almost Every Picture, The Bright Labyrinth, Print is Dead. Long Live Print
Here is a quick look at some titles that have recently arrived at Eye’s Shoreditch office.

Noted #66

24 March 2015

Gourmand Grotesque 777 & 888, 10x10, Type Team, PLINC and A Typographic Bestiary
Here are a few #TypeTuesday books, catalogues and specimens that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Kemistry’s greatest hits

13 March 2015

Kemistry Gallery’s brief pop-up exhibition at Protein Studios gives visitors a chance to sample its quirky approach to design and graphic art
Kemistry Gallery occupied a small space in Shoreditch for ten years, and in that time, they showed a series of stimulating exhibitions.

Books received #13

27 February 2015

Ligne B, Editorial Design, T: A Typology of T-Shirts, Greetings from Retro Design and The Type Taster
Here’s another round-up of some of the design-related titles piling up at Eye’s Shoreditch office.

Man on slackwire

24 February 2015

Paul Davis wears many hats (plus wigs and masks) as both illustrator and artist in his exhibition at the Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo
The long-standing love affair between illustrator Paul Davis and the art directors and designers of Britain reaches a heartwarming apogee at the Ginza Graphic Gallery (GGG) in Tokyo.

Timeless: Massimo Vignelli

20 February 2015

Fellow designers celebrate the life and work of Massimo Vignelli at an exhibition in San Sebastián
A new exhibition at the Okendo Cultural Centre in San Sebastián, Spain, celebrates the life and work of Massimo Vignelli.

Kitching on both sides of the Thames

10 February 2015

Two London exhibitions show different aspects of Alan Kitching’s typographic design – personal projects and work for the Guardian.
By the end of this week there will be exhibitions of Alan Kitching’s work in both north and south London.

Noted #65

31 December 2014

Noble Rot and OOMK magazines, the Redstone Press diary and two calendars in glorious colour
Here are a few things that caught our attention as 2014 crossfades into 2015.

Books received #12

19 December 2014

Cut & Paste: 21st Century Collage, Spitalfields Nippers, A Field Guide to East London Wildlife, Shoreditch Wildlife and Eduardo Paolozzi.
Here are a few books that provided a little relief from Eye’s seasonal hangovers in recent days.

Noted #64

28 November 2014

Off Life, Type Tuesday, Aglu photobooks, Amore E Piombo and Works That Work
Here are a few things that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Books received #11

7 November 2014

Paul Graham, Rian Hughes, Modern Toss, The Art of Noir and Nude’s take on underground graphics
Here are a few books that have caught our attention in recent weeks.

Books received #10

1 October 2014

Make Your Own Luck, Grafica Della Strada, classic Volkswagen ads, Kazimir Malevich, Ark and Ends Meet, Essays on Exchange
Here are a few books that have come into Eye’s Shoreditch office that caught our attention.

Noted #63

13 September 2014

Talking statues, Random Spectacular, design trivia, Hat Monkey and Mediteranneo
Here are a few things that recently caught our attention.

Type Tuesday: No end of print?

1 September 2014

Eye’s panel of printers, designers, photographers and publishers will talk about the past, present and future of printing this Tuesday evening at St Bride
The Type Tuesday event at St Bride Library in London (2 September 2014) is entitled ‘No end of print?’ and will include speakers from Calverts, New North Press, Kin, Pureprint and Hoxton Mini-Press, among many others.

Munari in Milan

28 August 2014

‘Munari politecnico’, at the Museo del Novecento, champions some less familiar aspects of the Italian designer-artist’s body of work
Bruno Munari was the Richard Feynman of design, an innovator, a born teacher, a jack-of-all-trades with a quixotic nature. He never stopped inventing and questioning.

Noted #62

7 August 2014

Hoogerbrugge, Comic Sans for Cancer, Leaving the Building, (Re)Brand USA and posters
Here are a few more things that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Books received #9

21 July 2014

The Typographic Universe, Strange Worlds, paper folding, Supernew Supergraphics and The Open Book Project
Here is a quick look at some titles that have recently arrived at Eye’s Shoreditch office.

Noted #61

13 June 2014

Off Life, the Guardian app, Ends Meet, degree show invites, Swiss books and OOMK magazine
Here are a few things that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Type Tuesday: 3 June 2014

27 May 2014

‘The ins and outs of book design’ at St Bride will feature Gerald Cinamon, Jason Godfrey, David Pearson & Clare Skeats and Mark Thomson
Our next Type Tuesday event at St Bride Library, about ‘the ins and outs of book design’, will take place on 3 June 2014.

Noted #60

16 May 2014

Maya pictoglyphs, Comics Unmasked, The Believer film issue with John and Faith Hubley, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards, Chermayeff & Geismar, Office
Here are some links to a few exhibitions, books and magazines that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Books received #8

7 May 2014

Adventures in Letterpress, Derek Jarman’s Sketchbook, Ant Colony, Fritz Kahn and Other People’s Dogs
Here is a quick look at some titles that have recently arrived at Eye’s Shoreditch office.

C for century

1 May 2014

The exhibition ‘Century: 100 Years of Type in Design’ opens in New York
The ‘Century: 100 Years of Type in Design’ exhibition opens today at the AIGA National Design Center in New York.

Noted #59

14 April 2014

Le Petit Néant, The Pitchfork Review, Please Come to the Show, Mould Map and Typolitic, a new site for undergraduate work
Here is a selection of things – magazines, exhibitions, books and posters – that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Type Tuesday: food and design

31 March 2014

North’s Sean Perkins will talk about design for food and hospitality and the ‘heaven and hell’ of clients this Tuesday evening at St Bride
The Type Tuesday event at St Bride Library in London (1 April 2014) is not only about food, but about clients.

Books received #7

17 March 2014

Pop Art Design, The Magazine 19, Punk 45, D&AD 2013 and REsolutions
Here are brief reviews of some titles that recently arrived at Eye’s Shoreditch office.

Noted #58

14 February 2014

Postcards from the Letterform Archive; Ronan Guillou’s ‘This is Not a Map’ of Las Vegas; No Fixed Format: The Sochi Project; Serco Illustration Prize; Marian Bantjes’ Valentine
Here are a few links to sites, exhibitions and objects that grabbed our attention over the past week or so.

Books received #6

4 February 2014

Fabriano, Sint Lucas University, Illustration Next, Roy G. Biv and Eduardo Paolozzi at New Worlds
Here is a brief look at some titles that recently arrived at Eye’s Shoreditch office.

Noted #57

1 January 2014

Publications from the British Council, Monika Bartels / FontWerk, Carter Wong, Pentagram and Thomas Manss
Here are a few publications that grabbed our attention in the last few weeks.

Type on the tongue

20 December 2013

Eye’s panel checks out the taste of Helvetica, Impact and Comic Sans (as cooked up by Sarah Hyndman)
Designer Sarah Hyndman is known for her Type Tasting workshops – popular events at Pick Me Up and London Design Festival this year. For Hyndman’s latest project, A Taste of Type, she has reversed the approach by asking, ‘what does type taste like?’

Noted #56

13 December 2013

An Advent Adventure, Fedrigoni, the Dutch Type Library and MoetMoet Letterpress, Typodarium, and Studio Hinrichs’ typography calendar
Here are a few festive calendars that piqued our interest this week.

Type Tuesday – 10 December 2013

4 December 2013

Archive night with Lucienne Roberts, Rathna Ramanathan, Fraser Muggeridge, Gerry Leonidas, Ken Garland, Simon Esterson and Martin Andrews
Next week we’ll be hosting another Type Tuesday event at St Bride Library in London. This time it’s an ‘archive night’ in collaboration with the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading.

Books Received #5

2 December 2013

Alphabet postcards, type geeks as ‘birders’, post-digital letterpress, understanding type basics and calligraphy
Here is a brief look at some type-oriented titles that recently arrived at Eye’s Shoreditch office.

Books received #4

1 November 2013

Biografiktion, Graffiti School, Travellers’ children, Tretchikoff, Soho divas and Xerography
Biografiktion (Nobrow Press, £18.99, $29.00) is a book of fictional stories about celebrities, set in comic book format.

Noted #55

18 October 2013

Japanese shunga, a typographic video game, Printed Pages, The Golden Thread, Karlssonwilker and Soviet board games
Here are a few links to games, magazines, blogs, books, workshops and exhibitions that piqued our interest this week.

A graphic tree-hug

10 October 2013

Pulp!, a 1989 newspaper devoted to trees, drew attention to green issues through art, illustration, writing and photography
Pulp! was a one-off, large-format newspaper published in 1989 to raise awareness of pressing green issues.

Archive night in Amsterdam

8 October 2013

If you’re in Amsterdam, please come to Eye’s Dutch ‘Archive night’ at the Aula – admission free
The next Eye ‘Archive night’ takes place in Amsterdam on Wednesday 9 October, from 6-7.30pm at the Aula, Singel 411, 1012 XM Amsterdam.

Sonic treasure chest

3 October 2013

Graphic scores go on the road – played by an alchemical, avant-garde supergroup of musicians prepared to turn line, type and image into sound
This month, an ensemble of five extraordinary musicians takes to the road to perform graphic scores (see ‘Sound code image’ in Eye 26).

Seymour and Milton

1 October 2013

A poster show at Kemistry Gallery celebrates two founders of New York’s Push Pin studio
  A current exhibition at the small Kemistry gallery in Shoreditch features posters by Seymour Chwast and Milton Glaser, two of the founders of New York’s celebrated Push Pin studio. We asked Kemistry founder Graham McCallum about his love for their work.

Eye 86 in transit

30 September 2013

Fresh off the rollers and over to the mailing house
The new issue, Eye 86, has been printed and is ready to be sent out to subscribers and bookstores around the world.

Letraset Tuesday at St Bride

10 September 2013

Come to St Bride tonight to hear Dan ‘Ultrasparky’ Rhatigan, Tony Rushton (Private Eye) and Letraset designers Dave Farey & Colin Brignall.
Tonight’s Type Tuesday at St Bride Library in London features Dan ‘Ultrasparky’ Rhatigan, Tony Rushton (Private Eye) and Letraset designers Dave Farey and Colin Brignall.

Books received #3

5 September 2013

For the Love of Letterpress, Brighton Swimming Club, the history of CGI, Blackletter and Thomas Heatherwick
Here is a brief look at some titles that arrived at Eye’s Shoreditch office in recent weeks.

Of mice and moquette

27 August 2013

Image-makers go Underground to seek inspiration for the outer surfaces of Oyster card holders
Outline Editions, in collaboration with Designjunction, have commissioned ten designers and illustrators – including Noma Bar, Kate Moross and James Joyce – to decorate some limited-edition Oyster card* holders in celebration of the 150th anniversary year of London Underground (whose first journey was in January 1863).

A mag for Bob

6 August 2013

88 magazine lovers have made this one-off newsprint publication for a good cause – raising money to support mag maven Bob Newman
Last March (2013), art director Bob Newman suffered an appalling accident in a swimming pool.

Noted #54

5 August 2013

Works That Work #2, Printed Pages #2, Desktop publishing, Presstival and some words for the London Design Festival
Here are a few publications and announcements that have grabbed our attention over the past week or so.

Books received #2

31 July 2013

After Butler’s Wharf from the RCA’s CWAD graduates, Vapourware, Tractor Boys, Map of Days and Abram Games’s Penguin covers

Books received

14 July 2013

The Roundel, quotes and quips, Various Small Books, interaction design and Unearthing
In the first of a new series of ‘Books received’ blog posts, here is a brief look at some titles that recently arrived at Eye’s Shoreditch office.

Memory cells

20 June 2013

Twenty graphic artists respond to Hari Kunzru’s post-apocalyptic tale with infographics, reliquaries, type, animation and a playhouse made of rubbish
‘London has been destroyed in fiction … innumerable times,’ said Hari Kunzru at press view for ‘Memory Palace’, just opened at the V&A in London. Kunzru’s specially commissioned text imagines a world in which all information has been erased by a digital holocaust.

New work, new fonts, New Transport

28 May 2013

Henrik Kubel takes the stage for Eye’s forthcoming Type Tuesday event at St Bride Library 
Next week’s Type Tuesday event at St Bride Library in London features designer Henrik Kubel talking about his work as a type designer, including his collaboration with Margaret Calvert on New Rail Alphabet and New Transport, and his ongoing partnership with Scott Williams in the design practice A2/SW/HK. Other participants include Ben Terrett and Simon Esterson.

Noted #53

27 May 2013

A magazine for Bob Newman; ‘Image Duplicator’; Erwin Blumenfeld at Somerset House; and Rémi Noël’s ‘This is not a map’
When French art director / photographer Rémi Noël goes to the States, he uses road maps rather than relying on a GPS device. And he prefers silver film to digital photography.

Letterpress firecracker in Tribeca

7 May 2013

Eye magazine presents an evening with typographer, designer and letterpress practitioner Alan Kitching in Tribeca on Wednesday
On Wednesday evening there’s an opportunity to see designer and typographer Alan Kitching (of The Typography Workshop) giving a talk at the Skyline Studios in Tribeca.

Out of the box in New York

3 May 2013

The first Eye archive night to be held outside London takes place at the Pencil to Pixel show in New York next Monday evening
Early next week, On Monday 6 May 2013, we will be in New York, where we’re inviting a number of local designers and writers to present a ‘Desert Island Discs’ selection of items from Monotype’s rich archive of typographic history – some of which is on show at the company’s ‘Pencil to Pixel’ exhibition in Tribeca, which opens tonight.

Noted #52

22 April 2013

Juggalos, Marmite, Thatcher, Fatherless, Dogs in Cars and Designs of the Year
A few awards, books and images that caught our attention in recent weeks.

AGI Open – the ‘graphic design World Cup’?

24 March 2013

The Alliance Graphique Internationale pulls out the stops for a two-day, student-oriented event at London’s Barbican this autumn
Last Wednesday saw a rare gathering of some of the UK’s most senior designers (David Gentleman, Sean Perkins, Margaret Calvert, Henrik Kubel), and design educators, crammed into a small room at the Design Museum to announce an event at London’s Barbican Centre on 26-27 September – AGI Open.

Journey to the endless archive

21 March 2013

Future Everything launches with a downloadable collection of essays that explore the ideas behind ‘digital public space’
Future Everything, just opened in Manchester, is tackling the issue of ‘public space’ in the digital realm.

Noted #51

18 March 2013

Sign painters, film trailers, Nieves’ zines, Tom Gauld and Pencil to Pixel in New York
A few books, videos, zines and events that caught our eye …

More platforms for editorial design

11 March 2013

Art director Mark Porter is the main speaker at ‘The magazine now arriving at platform 15’ at St Bride
The Type Tuesday event at St Bride Library in London is a chance to hear art director Mark Porter talk about the challenges of adapting newspaper and magazine contents to new platforms, including the iPad and other tablets. Other participants include Mark Wilson and Alex Breuer.