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The promise of information

24 April 2014

The Information Design Conference 2014 brings together thriving information design communities from around the world. Mark Barratt reports.
This year’s Information Design Conference, held at RIBA in London on 7 and 8 April, was a bigger deal than the first, held 30 years ago at a fairly isolated campus near Milton Keynes. I was at both, writes Mark Barratt.

Type in multiple directions

11 June 2013

The fifth International Conference on Typography & Visual Communication in Cyprus. Mark Barratt reports
Whatever the headlines say, the streets of Nicosia are still purring with BMWs and SUVs, the designer store windows are lit and the town is mostly clean and free from beggars, writes Mark Barratt.

Work to make it simple

6 February 2013

A review of this year’s Design of Understanding conference by Mark Barratt
‘Stuff that Max Gadney and his friends think is interesting’ would have been a more awkward but accurate title for the one-day conference ‘The Design of Understanding’, writes Mark Barratt. The event was curated by Gadney, an information designer, at St Bride Library, London on Friday 25 January 2013.