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Shock tactics

Issue 82, Winter 2012


America’s funky ‘altweeklies’ are a hotbed of zero-budget, attention-grabbing cover art…

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Noted #53

27 May 2013

A magazine for Bob Newman; ‘Image Duplicator’; Erwin Blumenfeld at Somerset House; and Rémi Noël’s ‘This is not a map’
When French art director / photographer Rémi Noël goes to the States, he uses road maps rather than relying on a GPS device. And he prefers silver film to digital photography.

Gonzo graphic design

7 May 2012

America’s ‘altweeklies’ are a hotbed of zero-budget cover art direction.
‘The alternative weekly newspapers of the United States are a hotbed of creative cover design,’ writes Robert Newman in Eye 82. ‘The historical descendants of the underground papers of the 1960s, these papers are tabloid-sized and distributed free in cities big and small across the country.