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A single-minded art director

Issue 93, Winter 2017


A stone’s throw from the building in Cologne where Twen, Germany’s Zeitgeist…

Spectacle and knowledge

Issue 75, Spring 2010


This elegant mini-brick of a book, designed by Irma Boom, reproduces a selection…

London Pride

Issue 70, Winter 2008


The capital’s infrastructure may be decrepit, but London Transport can…

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James Sillavan: 1950-2013

21 October 2013

James Sillavan, aka JAS, was a prolific cartoonist whose wry drawings were a familiar feature of many UK newspapers and magazines. Stephen Coates pays tribute.
The work of James Sillavan, who has died of a heart attack aged 63, is more familiar to readers of national newspapers than most will realise. His illustration work, signed latterly as ‘JAS’, has regularly appeared in the British national press for more than 25 years, writes Stephen Coates.