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Punk uncovered: an unofficial history of provincial opposition

Issue 33, Autumn 1999


British punk gave a sound, a voice and a visual currency to the disenfranchised and remote.…

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Survival guide

17 November 2016

At Firstsite in Essex, Gee Vaucher’s ‘Introspective’ covers a long career spent tackling political and social issues that are more urgent than ever.By Nigel Ball
When I was a teenage punk in the early 1980s it would have seemed inconceivable that Gee Vaucher’s artwork might ever grace the walls of a gallery, let alone the front page of a daily newspaper, writes Nigel Ball.

Books received #7

17 March 2014

Pop Art Design, The Magazine 19, Punk 45, D&AD 2013 and REsolutions
Here are brief reviews of some titles that recently arrived at Eye’s Shoreditch office.

Something to say

7 November 2012

The current vogue for letterpress is more than mere retro-nostalgia, writes Catherine Dixon in the run-up to Friday’s St Bride conference.
Letterpress is everywhere, writes Catherine Dixon (co-organiser of ‘Letterpress: Something to Say’).