Cage recast as eye candy

Cage recast as eye candy

John L. Walters

American composer John Cage was a prankster, a gameshow champion and a creator of…
Art direction unknown

Art direction unknown

Keith Miller

What makes a photo art? It helps if you encounter it in some sanctioned art-viewing…

Heavy breathing at the crystal goblet

Robin Fior

Graphic Design & Reading will be assigned reading for my graduate students this fall,’…

Light and shade at the picture house

Adrian Shaughnessy

The work of conceptualist photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto explores notions of ‘comparison…

A million stories in the naked city

Catherine Dixon

The Light Surgeons’ LDN-Redux, which premiered in São Paulo in July, is a 35-minute…

Making history? Or writing about it?

Jim Aulich

Graphic design is such a pervasive part of everyday life it could easily be characterised…

Code and image

‘Decode: Digital Design Sensations’ promises to be a blockbuster for the new decade.…
Big book of books

Big book of books

Simon Esterson

Bibliographic is a book about books. British designer Jason Godfrey has selected 100…

Grandiose gaiety

Véronique Vienne

In comparison to, say, London, Barcelona or Berlin, Paris is often seen as a ‘museum…

Revealing images

John L. Walters

Bookshop shelves groan with giant compendiums of illustration, heavy on image, light on…
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