Review: June 2012


Type tales told for ordinary folk

Gerry Leonidas

It was hard to avoid Just My Type in the weeks before its publication in October, with…

Comic sans the grown-ups

Steven Heller

There are two names responsible for bringing comics ‘out of the trash and into a…

The farewell tour syndrome

Emily King

Earlier this year I was researching past issues of Emigre magazine for an exhibition…

Playing to their special strengths

Tom Phillips

The Tower of Pisa, the Mona Lisa and Mickey Mouse of the postcard world is that pioneer…

Nuffin’ like a Puffin

Robert Hanks

Phil Baines’s Penguin by Design: A Cover Story (2005) was, even at a glance, a marvellous…

The New Typography

Ian Noble

The statement in the publicity for the one-day event organised by Kingston University…
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