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The accessible elite

Issue 86, Autumn 2013


Linda Kwon reports on a design conference that aims to fight the ‘velvet rope syndrome’

Learning on location

Issue 85, Spring 2013


Linda Kwon looks at ways to learn about type beyond the conventional classroom.

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Set the controls for the heart of Dutch design

15 July 2013

Open Set summer school tackles autonomy within design culture under the theme of ‘Commonomy’ – with a special offer for Eye blog readers
Design summer programmes offer many enticing reasons to participate, not least of which is the chance to learn from renowned design professionals while gaining new perspectives and experimenting with new design approaches, writes Linda Kwon.

Destination design

8 July 2013

Several quite different summer schools take design education to Portugal, Lithuania and Sicily
Summer presents a chance to explore new destinations and starting this month, a number of summer schools are using location as the starting point for design exploration writes Linda Kwon.

Innovating the future

16 May 2013

FutureEverything founder Drew Hemment has been using art and design to ‘curate innovation’ since the dawn of internet culture
Following up from the FutureEverything Summit in Manchester, Linda Kwon talks with FutureEverything founder Drew Hemment.

Apocalyptic words

10 April 2013

Do designers read and write? The Blunt conference aims to inject more writing into design education. Preview by Linda Kwon.
Graphic design is by and large a visual practice used as a tool in the service of others, writes Linda Kwon. The field of design has given little attention to nurturing an integrated practice of writing and criticism.