Will Novosedlik

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Branding as mythology

Issue 19, Winter 1995


Branding experts draw on centuries of myth-making to imbue products with emotional symbolism

Culture in a cold climate

Issue 25, Summer 1997


In the ‘post-intellectual’ era, four Canadians use their talents in the service of creative…


Issue 22, Autumn 1996


Are designers who proclaim the end of print turning their backs on design's critical purpose and…

Money. Magic. Light.

Issue 28, Summer 1998


Factors of scale ensured a glittering take-off for two corporate identities. But what do they…

The producer as author

Issue 15, Winter 1994


For Bruce Mau, graphic design is a way of investigating ethical, cultural and philisophical issues

Bards of the balance sheet

Issue 21, Summer 1996


How corporate designers turn routine annual reports into epic narratives of business triumph