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Body of work

Issue 97, Autumn 2018


In our digital age, when every image is available and mutable, when…

Theatre of dreams

Issue 14, Autumn 1994


Andrzej Klimowski is obsessed with eyes, faces, hands, angels and devils. He is one of Britain’s…

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Noted #91

20 March 2019

Situated Between (Treacy & Ozkal), Crayonograph, Le Gun no. 6, a journal from The Pre-Vinylite Society … and a typeset rectangular doily
Here are a few miscellaneous graphic artefacts that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Noted #59

14 April 2014

Le Petit Néant, The Pitchfork Review, Please Come to the Show, Mould Map and Typolitic, a new site for undergraduate work
Here is a selection of things – magazines, exhibitions, books and posters – that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Technology and myth

2 April 2012

Klimowski and Schejbal give graphic life to Stanislaw Lem’s robots. Review by Robert Hanks
Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006) is usually considered an author of science fiction, but though his stories have the appropriate apparatus – spaceships, alien life-forms, robots – in mood and structure they are closer to fairy tale, myth or dream, writes Robert Hanks.