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Are you sure you need that new logo?

Issue 10, Autumn 1993


Graphic designers fill the world with a Babel of signs. Is it time we took them away again? By Ken…

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The clarity of the innocent eye

25 May 2021

In this previously unpublished essay from 2003, Ken Garland (who died last week) urges designers to be ‘alert’. In an afterword, Andrew Howard explains the context
I’ve been working as a graphic designer for 50 years, first as an art director on periodicals, from 1954-62, then as a freelance design consultant, from 1962 to date, writes Ken Garland. Has our trade / craft / profession changed much in that time? Of course it has; but how?

Playing with the logo

9 April 2012

How Ken Garland + Associates had graphic fun with the Galt Toys identity
The current Kemistry Galley exhibition of Ken Garland’s designs for Galt Toys is full of interesting work, nicely illuminated by Garland’s captions recalling a very happy designer-client relationship that spanned the two decades from 1961-81.