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Face in the crowd

Issue 91, Spring 2016


Amid the rush of modern gadgetry, Kuchar Swara’s Sekford watches stand out because they are…

Art and art direction – Kuchar Swara

Issue 73, Autumn 2009


The relationship between art directors and photography has developed in myriad ways alongside…

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Type Tuesday: Design and time

29 November 2015

See you at St Bride Library at 7pm sharp. DixonBaxi and Kuchar Swara headline the final Type Tuesday of 2015
The final Type Tuesday event of the year has the subject of Design and time, with talks by Kuchar Swara and Dan Capstick of DixonBaxi.

Cover story

8 August 2013

You’ve seen that face before. But why is Jeanne Moreau (as seen in La Notte) staring soulfully from the cover of Eye 85?
The cover of the current issue, Eye 85, has attracted lots of (largely welcome) attention in recent weeks, writes editor John L. Walters.

Port of entry

25 February 2011

Two art directors and an editor launch a brand new men’s magazine
You could be forgiven for thinking that the cold Spring of 2011, with its cutbacks, closures, price hikes and app-frenzy is not the best of all possible times to launch a new magazine, writes John L. Walters.