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Resonating image-makers

Issue 29, Autumn 1998


The graphic scores of Roman Haubenstock-Ramati (1919-1994) date from the…

A place in the sun

Issue 65, Autumn 2007


An Art Deco warehouse in Miami Beach throws unexpected light on the dark arts of design

Word art

Issue 11, Winter 1993


In post-war art the visual and the literary have blurred. Typography is the point at which they meet…

The work must be read

Issue 29, Autumn 1998


Lawrence Weiner’s art is a kind of sculpture made of language, free from excess or embellishment…

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On the water, off the wall

6 December 2013

Lawrence Weiner’s typographic and gestural drawings fill the lower gallery of Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum
‘Written on the Wind’ (Op de Wind Geschreven) is an exhibition at Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum of more than 300 works on paper by the conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner, alongside short films, notebooks and gestural markings in the work and on the walls, writes Sarah Snaith.

The notes may be fabricated

31 July 2012

Alternative currencies show that money is just an idea that can be redesigned. By Livia Lima
We live in an age when it is difficult to trust our banks, writes Livia Lima, but what about the notes in your purse or wallet? With economies across Europe teetering on the edge of collapse, plans are being drawn up to revive ‘retired’ currencies such as the drachma, and some Greek cities have jumped the gun by issuing their own alternative currencies.