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Pack shots

Issue 76, Summer 2010


Form swamping content? Or a welcome new wave of graphical expression?

Big book of books

Issue 73, Autumn 2009


Bibliographic is a book about books. British designer Jason Godfrey has…

Big ideas and giant turkeys

Issue 70, Winter 2008


The culture of ‘album cover design’ often runs in a kind of parallel…

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The seventh Python

29 October 2009

Storm Thorgerson’s iconic album art at Integrated2009
To designers of a certain vintage, Storm Thorgerson, one of the founders (with Aubrey Powell) of Hipgnosis, is a star, the prog Peter Saville. Yet he’s off many people’s graphic design radar, writes John L. Walters. Which might be the way he likes it, since he claims to know nothing about typography and disdains illustration.

Two degrees of (colour) separation

5 September 2008

Graphic Rolling Stones artefacts are saved for the nation
It began with a letter – addressed to the designer at the Royal College of Art, writes John L. Walters.