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Counter intuition

Issue 90, Summer 2015


A short type design course will never turn you into a type designer. But it may make you a better…

Learning on location

Issue 85, Spring 2013


Linda Kwon looks at ways to learn about type beyond the conventional classroom.

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Free listening and learning

30 November 2012

Do university blogs still have a role to play in developing links between students, institutions, countries and disciplines? Essay by Neil McGuire
The design course blog, over a decade after blogging hit the mainstream, is still relatively rare, writes Neil McGuire. But when used imaginatively, they have the potential to enhance the educational experience on a number of levels.

Play to win

12 October 2012

What do design students get for their £9000 a year? Cascade is looking for ways to link education to an uncertain future in the world of work
A new academic year is an opportunity for anyone who works in education to re-assess what they do and why they do it, writes Derek Yates. The past twenty years’ cosy myths about art and design education are being blown apart.