Issue 10


Rick Poynor


Shedding paradigms
Letter to the editor

Letter from Katherine McCoy in Eye 10

Output explained
Letter to the editor

Letter from Joani Spadaro in Eye 10

Letter to the editor, Teal Triggs

Letter from Teal Triggs in Eye 10

Letter to the editor, Jeffery Keedy

Letter from Jeffrey Keedy in Eye 10

Letter to the editor

Letter from Gerard Unger in Eye 10

Letter to the editor

Letter from Miles Newlyn in Eye 10

Letters to the editor

Letter from Art Chantry in Eye 10

Brand madness, Information design, Visual culture, Agenda, Ken Garland

Graphic designers fill the world with a Babel of signs. Is it time we took them away again? By Ken…

Rick Poynor

The client says he wants it in green


Susan Morris

‘I think the term “art director” is the greatest misnomer. There’s no art in magazines unless you are…

Eye writers

Under the art direction of Harri Peccinotti and David Hillman, Nova redefined the woman’s magazine

Steven Heller

Painting is dead, long live the dustjacket. Alvin Lustig brought modern art into American bookshops

Marco Livingstone

Shinro Ohtake is a master of the artist’s book. His latest is a collaboration with Vaughan Oliver

Tokyo Salamander
Rick Poynor

Vaughan Oliver’s collaboration with Shinro Ohtake is an oblique diary of dreams

Robin Richmond, Tim Fendley

Czech matchbox labels form a miniature gallery of Czechoslovakian society under communism

Ethan Edwards

The work of recent Cranbrook graduate Martin Venezky indicates new directions at the accademy

Abbott Miller

Style is addictive, While structure comes from within, generating form from the inside out

Robin Kinross

Eye reassesses the legacy of Edward Wright: designer, teacher, artist and “culture-carrier”

Liz Farrelly

The craft of covers