Issue 101


Editorial Eye 101
Editorial, John L. Walters
The grids and graphs of Covid-19 graphics are familiar to nearly everyone, even those…
Word play
Graphic design, Posters, Typography, John L. Walters

Sarah Boris’s letterpress collaboration with New North Press reflects the turbulence of 2020.

Los Angeles’ lost palace of treasures
Book design, Design history, Information design, Critique, Critique / Photography, Rick Poynor

Using photographic evidence, designer Mark Nelson has reconstructed one of the great twentieth-century…


Reputations: Mario Eskenazi
Sarah Snaith

‘Here in Europe everything was more formal, more rigid, and American design was freer, fresher. I tried…

The pandemic that launched a thousand visualisations
Paul Kahn

Covid-19 has generated a growth in information design and an opportunity to compare different ways of…

Conversation with John Burn-Murdoch
Interview by John L. Walters

As Covid-19 spread across the globe, it became clear that data visualisation would become ‘the language…

Visual systems of life and death
Paul Kahn

In this appendix to ‘The pandemic that launched a thousand visualisations’, Paul Kahn outlines more of…

Ten projects by Jim Sutherland
Simon Esterson

A graphic designer downsizes to spend more time thinking, studying and designing without commercial…

Anette Lenz: Poetic rhetoric in the public realm
Jan Middendorp

Over nearly three decades, Anette Lenz has made work that transcends trends and technology. Profile by Jan…

Crowd control
John L. Walters

Designers are making illustrated books through crowdfunding instead of traditional publishing methods. By…

Mark Holt: Games, set and dispatch
Interview by John L. Walters

The title page credit for Munich ’72: The Visual Output of Otl Aicher’s Dept XI reads ‘Researched…

Jacqueline Casey. Science and design
Elizabeth Resnick

Jacqueline Casey was instrumental in developing what became known as the MIT Style. By Elizabeth Resnick…

A niche of a niche
Andrew Robertson

CentreCentre is the imprint founded by British designer Patrick Fry

My friend David King
Richard Hollis

The book David King: Designer, Activist, Visual Historian is a comprehensive account of the work of a…