Issue 12


Rick Poynor

‘I figure it’s my job to be this kind of blinkered believer. You know: I am the new futurist, I will…

Eye writers

The maverick composer’s album covers, by assorted hands, were provocative examples of rock art

Michael Rock

Does Minneapolis-based Makela’s electro-futurism embody the end of the 1980s or a new avant-garde?

Philippe Garner

The Douglas Brothers would much rather see their photographs in a magazine than on a gallery wall

Nick Wadley

Stefan and Franciszka Themerson’s Gaberbocchus Press was founded on the conviction that all the books…

Koosje Sierman

Graphic design was just one of the tools Karel Teige used to advance his vision of a new Czech society

Liz Farrelly

Eye talks to young French designers who reject the atelier system and prefer to go it alone

Edward McDonald
Imagine, if you will, a fictitious youngster called Design. Young Design wanted…